Ride Without Fear:

Build Confidence & Control in Mind & Body

Ride Without Fear Clinics

2010 Clinic Schedule in Sisters, OR 

May 8 – 11:    Ride Without Fear
June 26 – 29:  Ride Without Fear
September:  4 – 7  Ride Without Fear


 For this four-day intensive clinic, Michele of Sit The Trot! is teaming up with Dr. Wendy Morseth, a clinical psychologist who specializes in helping people overcome anxiety.  You will learn how to control your physical and mental responses to your fears of riding as well as how to sit with the movement of the horse to have a more secure, harmonious seat. Fear is a natural, normal and necessary response to immediate threat and danger. Anxiety is a learned response to the perceived possibility of danger. Both fear and anxiety cause riders to lose security in the saddle and horses to react negatively.

 Through a series of mental and physical exercises, including mindfulness and body awareness training, you will learn to distinguish the difference between fear, anxiety, and relaxation and to identify how your mind and body create anxiety. Each day you will practice being in control of how you experience relaxation and how you communicate your feelings through your body to your horse. In addition, you will learn specific ways to move with the horse’s motion so you are comfortable and confident in the saddle.

    Completed the April 2009 "Ride Without Fear Clinic and regained confidence with spirit, grace and courage. ~ Judy, Endurance Rider

DAY 1 starts at 9:00 am with on-the-ground work followed by lunch and afternoon riding until 5:00 pm.

In the first day of the clinic you will learn to distinguish the difference between fear and anxiety and identify how your mind and body create anxiety and how you can remain calm in the face of anxiety.

You will begin a series of movement lessons designed to help you ride in balance.
Riding will consist of an evaluation, applying the morning lessons to riding, and discovering the tools that will help you ride with confidence, balance, and leadership.

 DAYS 2 & 3 : 8:30 am to 6 pm

During days two and three you will practice identifying your responses to perceived threat and managing your anxiety in relationship to horses and riding.

Movement lessons will help you identify where you hold tension when you ride and how to find a natural, balanced seat. Lunge lessons, tailored to your needs and abilities, will allow you to practice both moving with the horse and communicating confidence. For those who wish, a group riding lesson will end days two and three.

 DAY 4:  8:30 am to 3 pm

On day four you will continue learning how to control anxiety and communicate relaxation and confidence to your horse when riding. Movement lessons will focus on continuing to improve awareness and balance and confirm the tools that will help you continue to improve.


 Our goal is to teach you to have confidence in the saddle by controlling responses to fear and overcoming anxiety while sitting with a secure seat, moving as one with your horse.

 At the conclusion of the clinic you will:

    ·        Be able to identify the difference between your inner states of fear, anxiety, relaxation and confidence.

·        Have practiced techniques to control and overcome your anxiety.

·        Understand how you communicate anxiety to your horse unintentionally.

·        Have practiced techniques to communicate confidence and calm to your horse intentionally.

·        Have practiced moving in harmony with the motion of your horse.

·        Have practiced techniques to let go of tension that causes you to brace against your horse.

·        Understand ways to clearly communicate with your horse through the aids of seat, legs, and hands.

·        Experience the joy of being balanced, secure and relaxed in the saddle.

·        Take with you techniques you can use on-going to enhance your experience of riding and enjoyment of your horse.

 Wendy Morseth is a clinical psychologist who has been helping clients overcome anxiety for over 30 years. Michele Morseth is an equestrian and a Feldenkrais practitioner who specializes in teaching people how to move with the motion of the horse. For this four-day, intensive clinic they combine their expertise to provide an experiential program for intermediate and expert riders who are motivated to experience the pure joy of riding.

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