2010 Clinic Calendar

Conquer Your Fears

May 8 – 11 Sisters, Oregon
June 26 – 29  Sisters, OR
September 4 – 7  Sisters, OR


Improve Your Seat
March 18 – 21 2010 Kings Equestrian Bromyard, UK

March 22– April 5 Lessons/Clinics in England

 April 9-11   Central, OR

  May 21 – 23  Sisters, OR
Eventing Camp April 30 - May 2 Yelm, WA


Are you:

  • Frustrated because you can’t bring out the best in your horse?
  • Dreaming of riding without struggle or pain?
  • Tense instead of moving in harmony with your horse?
  • Ready to give up mediocrity & discover excellence?


Does your horse:

  • Fall in on circles and turns?
  •  Have troubles making transitions in or between gaits?
  •  Take the wrong lead?
  • Get either tense or lazy when you ride?
  • Perform better when others ride him?

Change Your Habits

Discover & enjoy the ride of your life!


A week after attending your clinic I had lessons with my dressage instructor and we had some AWESOME work.  She kept commenting how much more relaxed Salsa was  - I didn't tell her until after our last lesson that it was MEEEE! that was more relaxed and I was allowing my mare to do her best stuff. 

To ride well and communicate clearly with your horse you need to move with the motion of your horse, with supple, fluent balance. Most riders tense-up, brace, and interfere with their horse’s performance. Through my unique program combining training in awareness, balance, flexibility and motor control you can learn to ride correctly, in a way that helps your horse—whether for dressage, reining, jumping, endurance, working cows, running barrels, or trail riding.

My clinics are a combination of movement, balance, breathing, and awareness lessons, both on and off your horse. You will improve your ability to sense your own imbalance and tension, learn how to correct muscle imbalances and joint tension, and discover how to support the motion of your horse.

 Maybe you are ready to work with a biomechanics & movement professional and change the way you move and organize yourself and get top performance whether in the arena or on the trail.

Sit the Trot! is committed to guiding you to discover your potential for more comfortable, coordinated, balanced movement. No matter what your age, history, condition, or goals you can improve. When you abandon horse-inhibiting, stressful habits and learn healthy, well-organized movement, difficult activities will become easier, even effortless. Whether you want to increase your competitive edge in the show ring, improve your riding performance, recover from injury, or just feel better, I will guide you toward higher performance, balance, and ease in the way you ride.

Schedule a clinic, lesson or a video lesson to begin your journey to move with efficiency, grace, and power and attain your riding dreams.

Research from Nottingham Trent University, UK shows Feldenkrais helps riders to improve.

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